Friday, July 03, 2009

The Pipestone Lake Report, June 20-27th, 2009

Yet again a great time was had at Pipestone Lodge!! Just as in past years the place was great, the food was awesome, the friends were spectacular and the fishing was OFF THE CHARTS!
Our main fish was , of course, smallmouth bass. The shallows were packed with them in certain areas. We also caught some really decent pike, a muskie or two and even the occasional walleye.
A strange thing happened this year. We had a late spring so the water temps were in the high 50's a couple weeks prior and shot up to 72-74 by the time we got there. That meant that almost every fish in the lake was prowling the shoreline.
Another strange thing was the " Beaver Hut Phenomenon". With young-of-the-year perch just schooling up around the beaver huts, it was common to see smallies, pike, HUGE schools of walleyes and several muskies stationed at each and every beaver hut on the lake. I've never seen it before. A muskie sitting there next to a smallie, next to 3 pike, all surrounded by 18-24" walleyes in 3' of gin clear water on a sunny day right under the boat!
I fished solo this trip, which was a total change and a birthday present to myself. I took my pictures with a set-up of a Canon A-95 Powershot camera with a flip-out screen (so you can see yourself), a Joby "Gorillapod" tripod, and a 10 second timer setting on the camera. With a couple practice shots and a good routine in the boat I was able to lift the fish for about 12 seconds and have it back in the water. I recommend that if you fish solo you try the same set-up.
So...anyway, pictures tell a thousand words. Here's what I got by throwing some whacky rigged Senkos, Mepp's #4's and Husky Jerks. Enjoy!

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