Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Missed the Illinois record by "that" much!

First we'll start with one of the best river smallmouth anglers on the planet. Customfish crew member Rich Delaney with a monster 19"smallie from an urban creek. We also scored a dozen more easily along with an 18"! This guy is GOOOOD!

Then ofcourse there's Customfish owner Mike Kauchak with just one of thousands of smallies he's caught. This one was from last week. Just an average Mikey fish.

Now we move on to Customfish crew member Tim Ozanne. A trout/fly fisherman at heart, we have been showing him the bass ropes recently.
And...um..we're done showing him anything.
He came up just a but short of the state record largemouth this past weekend. 10 pounds of northern Illinois Largemouth!
Ya didn't think we had those, did ya? Hmmmm... ya may want to hire us as guides then.
This photo is 100% unaltered in size or scale. Taken with a cell phone ( it always happens like that. Ya catch a potential record 25" bass and all ya got is a cell phone. Grrrr!) So hold the doubts. Remember...we analyze fishing photos for a living....not to mention we had the photo 10 minutes after the fish was caught.
Congrats Tim!! You ARE the man. That fish wont be beat in the Chicagoland area for a VERY long time!


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