Monday, April 16, 2007

4-14-07 & 4-15-07 Heir to the throne!

We caught a bunch of fish this weekend. Hybrid greengills, Largemouth and smallmouth bass. But that's not what concerns me right now. What does concern me is that my son caught his first fish from the back yard! Looks like I just got me a new fishing partner!

OK, in other news:
Ken And I hit a couple of our favorite small ponds this weekend. Water temps 52-55. Weeds just starting to come up. Some of the things that worked were minnows under a float just outside the weedline, a #3 Mepp's in white/silver just over the weeds, a 4" Senko(darker colors please) on a 1/8 oz Sliderhead jig worked slowly on the bottom, a 4" Berkely GULP straight worm on a 1/8 oz jig swimming above the weed tops. Our trip friday was a short 90 minutes. Ken got a couple 17-19" bass and a couple nice hybrid sunfish. I kinda blanked and got one hybrid sunfish.
Saturday was a different story. I caught 9 nice largemouth bass, 3 nice bluegills and 1 hybrid. Ken got 7 (I think) nice largemouth plus a few really nice hybrids.
As far as the smallies in the pictures. Those were from the river. Water is 51 degrees and high/fast/murky. They hit a #3 Mepp's (white/silver) worked along seams of fast/slow water.
Water temps will be prime by wednesday. Look for a BIG report on the Fox River later in the week plus another pond-largemouth report tomorrow morning.
Get out and fish!