Thursday, October 25, 2007

Death by fish!

Frome the Customfish news room:

What sport do most people die doing?
Football? Nope. football averages 3 deaths a year.
Boxing? Nope. 5 a year.
Skydiving? Nope.
Deep sea diving? Nope.
MMA? Nope.
Hunting? Nope.

Our sport is responsible for the most deaths per year of any sporting activity. More than all the others combined. I don't recall the exact number but it was in the hundreds. Ofcourse most are from hitting submerged objects, driving while intoxicated, going overboard without a PDF, hypothermia, etc...stupid preventable stuff. A few are from being pulled overboard while tangled in downrigger cables, nets and crab pots. A few are from attacks mid catch (sharks while kayaking, spearfishing, surf fishing) and one or two are from things like being impaled by a marlin that jumps into the boat. Oh..and then there's the heart attack mid-fight that happens. Don't believe me? Do a google search of this phrase "man dies while fishing". See what comes up.
I've actually worked on a Lake Michigan salmon charter where the canon ball thing and the heart attack thing happened. I didn't see either one, thank god.

So there ya go. The next time someone thinks you are just going down to the bank to drown a worm on a hook, you can explain to them that you are on a voyage to participate in the deadliet sport on the planet.
How's THAT for a ego booster?

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

One month later.... that taltson Bay Big Pike Lodge trip ruined me.
I went fishing once or twice since. Caught a bunch of smallmouth from the local river. Nothing huge. Every bait is working now. So try anything.
See? I'm ruined. Don't worry though. I'll get my mojo back soon.
IN the meantime I'll put up a meaningful report from the field:
Some girl went fishing and caught a redfish. That's about all I got ouot of the story. Somehow I lost interest in the details.