Thursday, August 28, 2008

FINALLY...A fishing report


We've been very busy lately. So there hasn't been alot of time to fish.
BUT..last night I did manage to get out for 2 hours with Ken Schumacher for some sundown topwater madness.
The magic lures were The Chug Bug and the White Buzzbait. Prior to the sun actually disappearing we managed a couple of 16-17" smallmouth bass on Senkos. But it was the topwater bite we were keyed in on.
Tip of the day : You can't get it close enough to shore. Of all the fish we caught I think only 3 were out more than 5' from the shoreline rocks.

Enjoy the pics. And get out there when it's getting dark and throw some topwater baits at the shorelines!

( note to self. Get longer arms. I can't get the entire fish in the self-photo when they get around 20" long....)

Here's some recent nature shots from a couple other uneventful hours of fishing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

54" Vermillion Muskie Man

John just got back from Vermillion where he nailed this 54" beast.

Not much else to add to this report other than to drool. ( over the fish..not John)