Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This afternoon I was given a choice. Go watch monday night football with officer John or go fish with Ken. Fishing won out yet again. Trophy Fishing. Because after all if you're not going after a trophy what the heck are you doing out there? You're just putzin' around. Aim high, I say. And don't miss. Always go for the trophies like we do. I'd say we're gettin' pretty good at it.
So anyway, I got out of work and went straight out to meet up, fish and relax after having one of those win/win/win kinda days. And there was more winning to be had. Senkos and Hula Grubs on Slider heads were the ticket. I ended up with 9 in the short time before sunset. The biggest was 19". ken hit the 20" mark and lost a couple more that would have topped that. I don't know his total number but he had to be about the same as I. Again, most of those being trophies. because, ya know, that's what we do. Heh heh.
Ya all have a good day out there. And smile as we do every day.

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Oh..and just because I'm a Pulp Fiction fan, my gift to you guys. ( Um..turn your speakers down a bit.)
Ezekiel 25:17
Luke 6:37

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


It's been a while since we actually wrote a report. I almost forgot the login!
Mike was out of action for a while and I have been extremely busy.
Anyway..I finally got back to fishing with Ken Schumacher, while Mike high-tailed it and is presently fishing in Hayward,WI.
The ticket for the 15 or so bass that Ken and I caught late afternoon was 4" Senko's (darker colors) and/or 4" Tikistiks wacky rigged or on 1/8 oz. Slider Head jigs. I also used 4" Hula Grubs and did very well. I even tossed out the ol' Salmo Bullhead and got one in a couple casts.
I lost 2 bass that would have went well over 20"+. One straightened the hook out. The other got off during a last ditch effort jump as I reached for her. I know Ken lost "something" that he had no chance against...neither did his line that broke.
It's big fish time, people. Go get 'em!