Friday, April 23, 2010

It's back on!

Most of the big fish are done spawning so it's GO TIME!
Ken and I did a short trip today and scored BIG! A Smallmouth that went over 20" in a foot of water! 9 other largemouth that went as big as 18"!
We threw Husky jerks, rattle traps, Senkos, Minus 1. They all worked. But the lowly, hated, horrible-hooking-percentage Chatterbait was the big ticket today. Hopefully that was it's 15 minutes of fame because I dont intend to bring that lure out again in 2010. The hooking percentage is just way too low!!!
Here's some pics of the average sizers and a couple of big ones. Enjoy.twentysomethingPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Thursday, April 15, 2010

4-14-10. Pat Halko and his mojo!

He felt good enough to try an hour of fishing. After 6 months of cancer treatment hell...he deserved it.
And he deserved the 20", 18", 16" Largemouth AND the 17" and 15" smallmouth he caught IN AN HOUR!
The kid still has what it takes.

Also pictured is Ken Schumacher fighting a huge largemouth that hit a clouser minnow fly.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring 2010 in pictures.


Hopefully you've been following us on Facebook. If not, this is what's been going on. Again, as with every spring for the Customfish Crew, we have been on nothing BUT big fish. A bunch of 18-22" bass! Rattle Traps, Senkos, Shallow Cranks have taken most of the fish.
The spots we fish are unconventional to say the least. Heck..our single best smallmouth spot is a mud ditch that you'd drive over. Other spots are some specialized common ponds. Another spot is ofcourse in my back yard courtesy of our own bass pond that we keep pretty well stocked and fed. doesnt matter WHERE the spot is. If it's got fish, then it has BIG fish. They all just have to know how to catch them.

We hope your fishing is going well.
Stay tuned for more pics and tips.
And as us if ya need us.