Friday, October 24, 2008

Jade fishes on.

Jade Miller is still hammering them daily on the Mississippi in NW Illinois.
Great shot, Jade!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The mid october report continued.

Have I got your attention yet?
Because that's what it looked like at sundown last night as we threw Senkos and Chug Bugs at some huge bass ( and 1lb+ Greengills). Crazy crazy action during the witching hour!
Pictured are Ken Schumacher from and Skip Riani from And some other guy.

Get out and fish!!!!!

Yes, they are different fish...I gotta change my pose.

And the WINNER!!! Blackjack...a 21!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Baseball is done. Back to fishing.

Well...some time was taken off due to the Cubs.
They lost. The season is over. So it's back to fishing.

So..I woke up sunday to God's voice who said to me " James. You have suffered enough. I shall release you from the baseball chains that bind you. You need to get back to the waters, where I shall grant you a quick victory. But you gotta go to church today too.
I grabbed a rod and a back pack, went out and fished for 30 minutes. First 4 casts, 4 fish. 2 more cats after that and I tied into one of my top 10 largest smallies (19") of the year. Total for this short trip was 13. They were sitting in a flowing 1' deep ditch that connects two lakes.
Off to church.
Later in the day I stepped out of the house with a rod after dinner. Fished for 15 minutes in the back yard and landed one of my top 10 largest largemouth (20") of the year. Got a couple more that went 12-14".

The hot lures....SMALL stuff. Real small. Subwart, Bullhead, small Mepp's. Start small... finish big. Dig the lid too.
It's nice to be back to fishing. Taking basically the summer off from angling with the exception of a monster smallie trip to NW Ontario and the world's most grueling fishing trip at the Arctic Circle for pike was a pretty good thing. Usually by this time I'm getting burned out. Now it's fun til ice-up.