Friday, December 28, 2007

We fish like we play.

Fishing. Ahhh...The word brings up a mental image of sitting quietly on a bank. Cane pole in one hand. Can of worms on the ground. Still waters with only the ripple of the bobber due to a fish nibble on the line. Peaceful, aint it?

But ya see, when we fish it's a little different. Probably the best analogy I can come up with is....well....this. Enjoy. And Happy New Year from Team Customfish. The Ramones of the fishing world.

And now a word from Les Claypool on fishing.
Fish on, O' John the fisherman.

So there ya have it. We're big fans of all things Claypool and all things Ramones. We can't fish with Joey unless we dig him up, but maybe one day Les would like to come and fish Delavan with us. I'll try to fit my amplifiers and my Ludwig drum set in the boat.
Oh...don't think I wouldn't do it.


Monday, December 17, 2007

It aint just fish...

What else do we do here at Customfish?
How about some shots that you want to have done for your parents? Like...maybe their prom picture!
This one is 7 feet tall. Printed on medium weight cloth, to be made into a wall hanging piece of artwork.

I'll show you a couple other cool things we're working on tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

Hey. It's CUSTOMFISH . Where Size Matters.

Oh..and Merry Christmas Mom & Dad.

And one more thing:
It's warm somewhere. And apparently the fish are biting.
But really....who cares if the fish are biting?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It's about time I got my props! Took long enough!

<*)))))>< ~~~~~~

And then there's this.
In the past week or so there's been alot of talk about a certain big muskie that accidentally died after being caught while row trolling by one of the premier veterans of the sport, Tom Gelb.
So..this one goes out to Tom.
It was a hell of a fish Tom.

Also...we have some leftover footage from the Great Slave trip in August.
Let me set this up a bit first.
Ya see...the Taltson Bay area is wild. I mean, like, wild kinda wild. As I told you earlier, one morning I found myself pissing 20 feet away from a bear at 7am. That kind of wild.
So, there's guns around. Ala Jeremiah Johnson. There has to be. After all, you are a guest of the moose and the bear up there.
The question is then this: If you bring your kids up there for their first trophy fishing wilderness experience and you happen to have a couple free minutes after lunch...what do you do?
Answer: You hand the city kids over to one of the guides and they learn to fire a 308.
And no...I didn't have a 308 on me while taking a piss at 7am. I opted to run like a 10 year old school girl instead. Luckily someone else had a 308 though.

<*))))))>< ~~~~~~~

In fishing news ( this IS a fishing report, after all) the action is really heating up on the ice!

(Seriously though. Mike was out this weekend on the ice and did great. Maybe he'll actually file a report this week.)

And finally...there's this.
We Customfishers loves us our Canada.'s not technically "our" Canada, but we do try to blend in while visiting. We use the word "eh" alot at the end of a sentence. We call northern pike "jacks". And we drink the local beverage of choice. I mean...after all, a man gets thirsty while chasing beaver.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Good "Muskie" Head (prints) By Jamie

ONce in a while we at Customfish do something special. Sometimes we do our own prints as well.
This series of Muskie Prints are offered for a limited time.
The muskie was caught and released by Customfish field reporter Rich Delaney. Photography and artist rendition by Jamie Riani. Each will be signed and numbered with a maximum of 50 prints for each version.
Size is 18" x 24". Framed in a classic wooden fame.

" Mean Green " watercolor

" Midnight Muskie " in grained cyan

" Gold assassin" in gold fleck

Price: $75 for 1
$125 for a set of 2
$150 for the full set of
*plus shipping (UPS ground service)

This is a limited time offer. Please contact to place an order for christmas.

*All work trademarked

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